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Paragraph on Corruption

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  1. What is corruption?
  2. What are the main forms of corruption?
  3. What kind of people resort to corruption?
  4. How much is Bangladesh affected by corruption?
  5. What do you think about combating the devil of corruption?

Answer: corruption means doing anti-moral activities out of the abuse of power and distortion. It is generally resorted to possess much and wealth overnight by dishonest means. It is one of the major problems in our country. Bribery, smuggling, misuse of power, nepotism, deprivation of legal rights and delay in work, etc. are the main forms of corruption. It is praised at every government and not-government office. The common people are the worst victims of corruption. Human nature is very mysterious. A group of people among us always hanker after earthly happiness and re-engaged earning money of wealth by hook or by crook. They care little for the restraints of moral sanctity. They seem to follow the foot-prints of the rogue. ‘a rogue is deaf to all good.’ They forget the difference between what is right and what is wrong and get involved in corruption. This morally degraded and self-centered person goes on doing their evil deeds at the cost of the interest of the nation. In this way, they corrupt the national life by amassing wealth in a corrupt way. At present, this sort of corruption has become a common affair in Bangladesh. It has entered almost in every nook and corner of society. the country seems to have become the breeding ground of corruption. It has turned into social cancer. We cannot but express a grave sorrow that Bangladesh topped the list three times as the world’s most corrupted country. It has made the country a bottomless basket. It is seriously eating into the vitality of the country’s economy. This corruption has stood as a great impediment on the way of our development. There is no denying the fact that the removal of corruption from society is a mammoth task. Social consciousness, exemplary punishment, religious and moral education, Meeting people’s basic needs improving law and order situations and raising the standard of living can go a long way to make the county free from corruption. Besides, a strong political will-force to combat the hydra-headed monster of corruption is the most imperative need of the time. Moreover, the rousing of patriotic feelings may help to redress the extremity of corruption to a great extent. The sooner we can solve this problem, the better-the better for building up a happier, healthier and wealthier national life.

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