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Short Composition on Corruption

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Corruption Is A Curse


Introduction: corruption means adoption unfair means to achieve something being devoid of morality and by defying the rules and regulations of a country. At present corruption has become the most alarming problem of Bangladesh. It is now regarded as a curse that bars our national development environment severely.

Corruption and economy: corruption lames our economic development. It is responsible for the financial insecurity of the major part of our rotation. Our economic growth has slowed down alarmingly because of corruption. As a result, a serious economic crisis has been created in the country. Now, we observe the poor becoming poorer and the corrupted group with piles of wealth.

Corruption and social affairs: corruption creates social chaos. It also endangers solidarity in society, degrades our social values and gives rise to social crimes. As a result, different welfare institutions in society become useless.

Corruption and politics: corruption turns the state into a plaything in the hands of the shrewd politicians. The state then becomes an institution for gaining personal interest or the interest of the political parties. As a result, political clash increases and after the election, violence based on election seize the country.

Corruption and our image: according to the transparency international report-2007, Bangladesh is the fifth most corrupted country in the world. This marking by the tab report has inscribed and undignified introduction on the face of Bangladesh.

Conclusion: some economists like Joseph nay expressed their opinion in favour of corruption saying that corruption accelerates national development through increased investment. But their views received a due reply by most of the economists of the world and have already been proved baseless. So, corruption is nothing but a curse for a nation. We all should raise a campaign to combat corruption for a better future.

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