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Short Essay on Terrorism

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Terrorism is an act of violence. It has become almost a lip-world with the people of all walks of life. Terrorism is done at the gunpoint or throwing blasts as a protest or show of power. It has now become a global problem. All the people of the world are very much concerned with this problem. It is a great threat to the peaceful life of the people. Generally, the youth are seen to be the perpetrators and victims of terrorism. They do the killing as well as get killed. A group of god-fathers nurse terrorists for the sake of their own interest and want to dominate the society in the form of terrorism. They cannot tolerate any rivalry or challenge of oppositions. The riggings in the elections occur under the shadow of these god-fathers. Bangladesh is a great victim of terrorism. All the campuses in Bangladesh are now rife with terrorist activities. More than often the supporters of the ruling party and the rival parties come in the clash. They chase and counter-chase and kill one another. Brawn has taken over the brain in the campus. The very image of education is desecrated. The root causes of this terrorism lie in the undemocratic culture of politics. The sanctity of democracy is now crying in the wilderness. Most of the political parties care little for the motto of democracy. They pay little heed to the fact that democracy means tolerance of diverse opinions. The ruling and the opposition parties are all engaged in a violent game of politics. The educational institutions are occupied by the armed cadres. The unemployed youths are also seen to get involved in the activities of terrorism. Besides, social unrest, economic disorder, job insecurity, easy availability of arms, degradation of moral values, lack of impartial role of administration, in differentness of the guardians, prevalence of corrupted environment, addiction of the youth to the violent film shows etc. can be held, responsible for terrorist activities. It needs no telling that a peaceful environment is a must for the peaceful progress of the country. Hence terrorism must be eradicated from society at any cost. This solution mainly depends on the will of the political parties. Moreover, the economic conditions of the people should be improved. New job avenues should be generated. Student politics with arms must be banned. The law enforcing agency must be much more practical, dynamic and careful about the terrorists. Last but not least, the people of all walks of should be aware and conscious of the destructive activities of the terrorists.