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Essay on The Need for Peaceful Political Atmosphere in Bangladesh

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The need for Peaceful Political Atmosphere in Bangladesh is a public slogan. Nowadays, for a peaceful political atmosphere, a balanced political culture is needed. Political culture is the embodiment of people’s orientation towards political actions within a particular political system. In Bangladesh, the political culture lacks the virtues necessary for democratic development. Here the people lack mutual trust and participatory orientation. The political environment is not conducive to free political communication and people have no confidence in government and political institutions. The political activists lack partisan feelings. In these circumstances, the prospect of a peaceful political atmosphere is unlikely shortly, though the alert people should dream of the improved situation frantically. The peaceful political atmosphere is mainly hampered by the unrest situation in society. Unrestness is gradually appearing at the grassroots level of the country. It is entering into each vessel of everybody which is greatly harmful to all of the present and of the future to come.


The peaceful political atmosphere in Bangladesh is the burning question, burning issue of the day for a smoother state of the state. For the lack of acceptable and balanced political situation, firstly the local government system breaks down. The complete downfall of this system reaches subsequently to the core of the central government like gangrene if it remains unchecked for the callousness of the people and the govt. In the pandemonium of manifold hazards the boat-like country at a stage capacities with all her people, wealth and property, numerous possibilities, and so on. Organizations, offices, and other institutions—govt. or non govt. freeze or run like a limping fellow.

The opposition parties of the land gain ground to oppose the government calling an unexpected hartal, an impediment of normal life though sometimes fruitful to all. The general people at this moment are in the swim to some extent, and they become fanciful and whimsical about themselves, to others, and the duties and call of the country. In the unbridled mismanagement for the political sector, they become a fell victim of indifference, imprudence, and the captive slave of the contemporary evil political atmosphere. And thus, social unrest and disharmony, and political uncertainty build nesting places for the wrongdoer, opportunists, and spring birds who dominate the society arrogantly and haphazardly. The heart-rending fact that such a political phase now prevails in our country, come into being instead of a bloody Liberation War of nine months, is a total bad patch of sound political culture, no doubt. This is verily an arrest of political beauty, political culture, political atmosphere, and political transparency in the cruel grip of the loathsome and hapless scenario of booming up terrorism of the day.

For want of peaceful political atmosphere in Bangladesh, however, we are suffering from some chronic diseases —abnormal economic growth, ill condition of the education sector, the damaged image of the country abroad, and the country is being, bit by bit weakened and endangered by the come and coming paralyzes of the sound civilization that should have in politics to make it peaceful. It is because an unhindered political culture will never be capable of eradicating the turmoil prevalent in present politics. Consequently, the commoners in the curse of time will go to the worst from worse.

Suggested ways of improvement

To remedy the evil political atmosphere, there are varieties of remedies. This remedy may act as a panacea in every sphere of the political environment that should be the sole purpose to overcome all handicaps of policymaking to the purpose. Through major public related might and main, mass consent and conscience, the leaders of the country ought to adopt distinguished measures to face any negative actions and outlooks sub-versive to government interest which should be on all the citizens half. By tolerating censure the government should have the motion for confessing the urgent need for consensus on basic issues. Mutual respect and tolerance; due respect for rules and systems, fairness in the poll system, framing a fair voter list, surety of justice and responsible trend, behavior trait, violence and unethical practices free environment and constructive mass-media are badly required to mold a positive and fruitful and peaceful political atmosphere.

Now in the name of intellectuals by the grace of some tricksy leaders of the country, some people are spreading queer views and news over the vast ocean of illiterate people to entrap them in a net of illusion. As a result, the commoners remain spellbound owing to their magical and shrewd comment on the imaginary development of the country. People take their false prophecy for an elixir which will play a part of touchstone in nation-building. The elite has to come forward to reshape the intelligent and responsible leadership for rescuing the ill-paid, ill-fed, and ill-fate submerged under the dark ruling methodology of the clime. The high authority of the government has to shun the stark motive to unify with the opposition leaders who also show the show of obstinacy in many affairs. As we need a peaceful political atmosphere, the government must go to the grassroots level of the country to ransack the root cause of public displeasure. The government will have to keep a strict watch even in the village panchayat activities. From the grassroots level the leaders should work for making a credible, real, and acceptable policymaker, nominee for the election, cen-sus report, and voter list.


Undoubtedly a peaceful political atmosphere can bring about a revolutionary change in our country, though the present progressive report map of Bangladesh is satisfactory no how. Now, our country is in lots of adversities. But Shakespeare opines that sweet are the uses of adversities. Therefore, we still can dream of the need for a peaceful political atmosphere, though the ideological commitment of political activists and institutions is not firm which results in frequent fragmentations of the parties, changing parties and alliances by individuals and groups, etc. The political activists must change their traditional motive and go towards the opponent parties and the ordinary people. A peaceful political situation in this regard can play a significant role in creating political orientation among the masses to suit their future need and development. So, the need for a peaceful political atmosphere is a demand, the burning question and the burning issue of the day.

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