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Essay on An Ideal Man

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As an adjective, the term ‘ideal’ means ‘most suitable’. And as a noun, it means ‘an idea or standard that seems perfect, and worth trying to achieve or obtain’. To adopt something of a man or- thing the man or the thing is mainly followed as standard or norm. In a word, something imitable of a person or a man is regarded as ideal. And again, universally accepted mannerism and behaviorism of a man or a thing may be termed as ‘ideal’. The measuring rod of a man or a thing is his/its ideal, no doubt.

Who Is An Ideal Man?

An ideal person is a man or woman who can easily deliver his/her thoughts and ideas perfectly and spontaneously. An ideal person possesses an iron determination and is a moral giant in the true sense of the term. The qualities he/ she possesses are truthfulness, honesty, love for his fellow men, taking an oath not to hurt others, not to pain anyone’s soul, and trying to bow before the worthy and be a balm for the bruised hearts. If all such qualities are manifested, the salt of the earth is born.

Can the Dream Be An Ideal Man Be Fructified?

Maybe, such is suspected for a certain reason that in modern society most people are morally corrupt. But if an ideal person emerges somehow from the rotten system he/she may be the pathfinder of those fallen souls leading them towards the dream destination of life. At that very time, our beautiful planet may get rid of the blemishes. It is quite evident that a man or a woman with lofty ideals are not at hand but still some people can earn our reverence through their honesty and virtues. If they were not present in society, the Sun never blazed and the Moon never glared. In the desert of a corrupt populace, they are nothing but the oasis, yet we know they are there with their gorgeous presence amidst us.

Characteristics of An Ideal Man

At first, an ideal man must be a virtuous figure of manifold milestone qualities such as candidness, honesty, generosity, strictness, wit, etc. He should be a man of concrete faith in the matters that he preaches to society. He should be a man of word. He should act according to his word. There must have been a congruity between his word and action. He must have an inherent capacity of understanding the fellows living around him. He should have a granite foundation of his character. He should not be impatient, rather he should remain cool in all situations; good or evil. At all hazards, he should not be despondent. He should not be a vanquished image anyhow, rather he should be the vanguard of his time. Of course, an ideal man cannot be recognised always only for his positive thoughts and actions.

Sometimes, he may be mistaken and misunderstanding may arise in him as well. But still, he may be called an ideal man if he strictly gets along with his cherished wrong ideas or beliefs. Indian political history is a witness of time that comrade Mozaffar cherished some wrong ideas, but he developed these in his mind in the true sense of the term `ideal’ and he never shun these during his lifetime. Perhaps, Mozaffar being a leftist, according to some so-called democratic, was blamed by such say-ing. Whatever be the reason behind it, Mozaffar was an ideal man because he did what he said.

Who Can Be An Ideal Man?

An ideal man must have an idea of liberty. Again, his idea must have reasonable liberty as well. He will be a free-will agent of contemporary society, but he will not cross the limit of independence. He will respect others and will be respected by them in return. He will emphasize the censure of society. He will talk less and will do more. He will be an inspiring entity. Above all, he will be an embodiment of an exceptional personality. He will dream and make another dream. He will not blow his own trumpet, but society will do it. His wit’s soul should be his brevity. For all these qualities one can be an ideal man.

The Life of An Ideal Man

Always an ideal man leads his life simply and ideally. In gesture and posture, he is entirely facile, and his facility becomes the main striking point for him to charm other. Hazrat Muhammed (sm), Goutam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani are the remarkable ideals of the world. They did not live in financial plenty, but in human, mental and psychological plenty. They talked less, ate less, and slept less. But they gave society much and now they are going on influencing the society staying behind the screen. An ideal man, therefore, is a sacrificer, a rescuer of mankind in all ages of the man’s civilization.


Fixing a fixed ideal in man’s manner and behavior and character is mandatory to become great in life. Those, who have great in life, were the containers of some extraordinary qualities and calibers. They never went to the extreme about any emotional and sensible matter. They gave the topmost priority to the opinions of others. They were an attentive listener and an expert and conscious lecturer about the welfare of all lives; high and low. They were the brake of contemporary society. All these are a total picture of an ideal man.

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