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What Is Dream

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The dream is one of the parts of our daily life. We like to thinking, we like to fly in the sky and we like to visit from country to country. Everything is possible by our dream any time anywhere. We make our dream when we want to think something but always we can’t complete our dream properly. Some noise can break our dream what we want to make by our mind in our thinking. We find two different dreams in our life. One dream made by us anytime but another dream will be made after our sleep. After sleep, we can see the natural dreams are totally out of our control. These dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. We can’t control this dream with our minds. It can be a good dream or it can be a bad dream. In our life, all dreams never come to be true. It’s one of the common matters that nobody can complete her/his all dreams in whole life. Cause human-like to see dreams every day and if any dream will complete another is come in mind. Different type of dream is always in our mind from our birth and we carry a lot of dream in our mind before our death. We just stop seeing dreams by our death. It’s the one and only way to stop a human by thinking or dreaming. It’s one of the natural process nobody can control this.

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