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Essay on Write About the Kind of Life You Hope to Be Leading In A Few Years’ Time

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In a few year’s time, if I am still alive. I will definitely be out of school. I will have to join the world of adults. The whole idea frightens me for I do not know what it is like to be an adult. But I guess I shall just have to find out.

Hopefully, I will have completed my university education and started to work. This is just wishful thinking but it may just come true. I hope to have graduated in one of the technical fields, preferably electronics engineering. Our country is progressing very quickly and I am sure electronic experts will be very much in demand in the future. hope to be working in a large electronics firm that makes the most up-to-date electronic components. There I can learn many new things about the electronic world and thus keep myself in tune with the leading edge of technology.

I hope that electronic engineers will be even better paid in the future than today. They ought to be tor they are people leading the world towards the future. With my pay, I hope to be able to buy a big house, a big car, and a ‘superbike’. I like to do all these things, but as a student now can only dream. In a few years’ time perhaps all these things can materialize.

As a young man, I will be actively involved in many activities such as traveling and sports. hope to be able to travel overseas during my annual leave. Perhaps my company may even send me overseas for training. That will be just wonderful, having the opportunity to see other places and getting paid for it.

I hope will still be good in badminton as am now. hope to represent my company and perhaps the state. Representing the country may be too ambitious, but if I train hard, who knows what I am capable of. If I do not represent the country at least still can play wIth my friends.

There will also be time for socializing and getting to know people, especially girls. I suppose I will have ample opportunity to do so in a company that employs hundreds of people.

Later on, I hope to have met the girl of my dreams and settled down comfortably. We will plan to have a few children whom we will provide with the best of things. It will be a great life with my family.

Further than the next few years, I cannot really hope too much. Life is very unpredictable. Things may not turn out as hoped. Hopes can be shattered as I have seen happen to adults around me. All I can do is hope for the best and do what is necessary. Perhaps then the life that I hope to be leading will come to pass.

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