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Essay on Boredom. What Are the Causes of This Affliction and How Can It Be Counteracted?

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Boredom occurs when one cannot stand not having anything to do. The body may be at rest but the brain keeps wanting something to happen or to do.

The first thing I notice about boredom is that it is a peculiar human affliction affecting grown-ups and teenagers. Very young children and other living things do not seem to be bothered by boredom.
have two dogs whose only job is to stay around the house and bark if strangers approached. Besides that, they have nothing else to do. However, I have never ever seen them looked bored. Usually, when there is nothing in particular happening, they just retire to a corner and have a nap. Of course, just as easily they can wake up when they have to.

They do not suffer the guilt that humans have when they take a nap. Also, they do not suffer from insomnia or reluctance to get up from sleep.

So it is the same as the other animals and living things that I know. They do not seem to suffer from boredom.

As human beings in this modern world, we are taught from young to be always busy. We busy ourselves in studies, play, work all our lives so much so our wonderful brain does not know how to take a rest after a while. The evidence of this perpetual activity of the brain is that ai normal person (adult as well as growing children) cannot stop thinking. Only very young children do not use their brain unnecessarily.

So when a person’s body takes a rest, it is not long before the monkey of a brain starts demanding some activity.

It cannot stand inactivity. So the person feels very uncomfortable. There he is, making it easy, and the brain keeps saying how boring it is. So eventually he goes and does something to satisfy the demands of the brain.

I see this happening in me as well as my friends. This neurosis seems to afflict some people more than oth€ rs. I have a neighbour who has to slog for a living. He often works overtime to make more money. One in a while when the holidays like Hari Raya comes he is forced to sit at home. Those are the times when he normally comes down with a headache. He does not get a headache at work, only during holidays. So usually he tries to get some other work to get out of his boredom.

There is only one way to counteract this affliction. Boredom is the condition where a person cannot stand doing anything. In other words, he cannot stand being himself. This means he does not love himself enough to feel at peace within. So the only way is to learn to love himself again; by willingly giving up his “busy-ness” and not indulging in unnecessary thinking. That way his brain learns to take a rest too and thus do not make demands on him so often. In time, boredom can thus be eliminated.

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