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Essay on Is Family Planning Necessary? Discuss

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My answer to this question is a definite Yes! My reasons are as follows.

When a man and woman settle down and start having children without considering what sort of life they and the children will have, they are behaving very irresponsibly. Often the result of such irresponsibility is a family that will undergo a lot of hardship. I give an example of this.

An uncle of mine works as a fishmonger. In the eight years of his marriage, he already has eight children and more seem to be on the way. He can hardly make enough to feed himself and his wife, With eight more young mouths to feed it, it is not surprising that he simply cannot cope.

His children do not have decent clothes to wear or sufficient food to eat. They live in a squalid squatter shack near the edge of town. My mother, who is his sister, does what she can to help. However, the amount of help she can give is limited for she is a housewife and my father is not too keen on giving unending assistance to someone (my uncle) who is so irresponsible. So my uncle moans about his misfortune and complains that no one wants to help him. What he will not admit is that he is the cause of his own misery. He suffers the consequences of not planning his family.

There are hundreds of families that live the way my uncle does in the squatter settlement. I have visited them on numerous occasions and have to say that they live in miserable conditions. They do not have piped water or proper drains. Basic hygiene is not observed; As a result, the people living there are not healthy. The children are especially prone to all sorts of illnesses. My cousins seem to have perpetually runny noses and smelly bodies.

The future of these children is not bright. Without proper upbringing, many of them will end up on the wrong side of the law. I know that some of the residents of this area are thugs and gangsters. Some of them have already been arrested for crimes such as drug-trafficking and armed robbery. What hope is there for children brought up here?

On the other hand, one of my father’s cousins is careful about his children. He only has three, all of which are given a good home to grow up in. He is by no means rich. He earns his living as a van salesman. The difference is that he is concerned with the quality of the children he has, not quantity. He makes sure they have enough food to eat and their well-being is looked after. The result of such care is so obvious. The children live in much better conditions. They are a joy to be with, At least there is less risk in getting some kind of sickness from them, as is the care with my less fortunate cousins.

On the whole, I will say that a planned family of about two or three children is best. The children have a chance of a happy childhood. The likelihood is that they will grow up to be good responsible citizens too, In a large unplanned family, the parents have not enough time to bring the children up properly. Besides having a difficult childhood, the chances of growing up into the wrong company are very real indeed. Consequently, they suffer the rest of their lives.

The signs are obvious. A planned family has a much better chance of being a happy one. An unplanned one has virtually no chance at all.

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