Letter to Your Pen-Friend Telling Him About Your Chance to Fly Either A Plane or A Helicopter

Question: Imagine you have a chance to fly either a wide-bodied passenger plane or a helicopter. It is half an hour’s free ride. Write a letter to your pen-friend telling him/her which aircraft you would like to fly and why.

15 April 2001
Ramna, Dhaka

My dear Karim,
Receive my best wishes. I hope that you are well. You will be happy to know that I have got a chance to go to Chittagong by plane. You know my uncle is a businessman. For his business purpose, he has to live there. He asked me to stay a few days with him. He also wanted my opinion which type of plane I would prefer and accordingly he would send me a ticket. I wrote him that I would prefer a wide-bodied passenger plane because to fly a wide-bodied plane is much comfortable and safe. I would reach my desired place within the scheduled time. No disturbance is there. So, I would like to fly on this type of plane. No more today. Render my best wishes to all.

Sincerely yours.
Ibrahim Islam

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