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Paragraph on What to Do at The Airport

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Question: What should you do at the airport before boarding a plane? Now, write a paragraph about it.

Answer: After your entrance at the airport you will have to go through some official formalities before boarding a plane. First, you will go to the counter to collect your boarding passes because airline officials check whether that particular passenger has a booking on that particular flight and then issue a boarding pass. The luggage also should be taken at this counter. Then you will find signposts showing passengers the. way to the planes. Next you Will go to the immigration counter where your passports and visas will be checked. After that, you will have to look for the last. gate number. Every gate in an airport is marked. You have to follow the announcement to go through the eight gates. Finally, you will go to the security checking counter for checking any objects that can hamper the security of the flight. After this checking. You will be able to board on a plane.

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