Letter Narrating Your Experience to Your Friend Who Has Not Traveled by Plane

Question: Imagine you are Masum. Write a letter narrating your experience to your friend who has not traveled by plane.

5th April. 2001

My dear Niloy, Receive my best wishes. I hope that you are well. You will be happy to know that I had a chance of traveling by plane. It was very exciting. I am going to let you know about it. I went to London by non-smoking flight. It was my first journey by plane in my life. I got into the plane and my seat belt was fastened. The captain announced that he would be soon starting the plane. The plane took off and I looked down from my window. I saw buildings, people, and trees looking like a miniature. The roads and the rivers looked like snakes. I saw the white clouds floating by. I wanted to touch them. They were flying. It was really an exciting journey. That journey may come in your life. No more today. Render my salam to all in your family.

Yours ever,

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