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Essay on A Journey by Train

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[Hints: Introduction; Occasion; Preparation; Starting; The journey; Reaching the destination; Experience of the journey; Bad side of the journey; Conclusion]

Introduction: Science has given us many quick means of travel to save our time and toil. The train is such a gift of science. In the progress of the modern communication system. The importance of the train is undeniable. A journey by train is very interesting. It is welcome to almost all classes of people. The only cheap journey is practically possible by train.

Occasion: It was in the last summer vacation that I made a journey by train from Dhaka to Mymensingh.

Preparation: On the fixed day, I reached the Kamalapur Railway Station at 7.30 a.m. I bought a ticket from the booking office and got into a first-class compartment of the Mahanagar Express.

Starting: When the guard blew the whistle and waved the flag, the train became alive and began to move. The train left the platform at 8. 15 a.m.

The journey: Soon the train picked up a great speed. I peeped outside. I was simply thrilled. I fed my eyes with the passing., scenes, and sights. The hedges, bridges, trees, buildings, houses, and meadows seemed to run back. Within a minute. Some people got down and some got into it. I bought some fruits to eat. The train again resumed its speed and thundered on devouring miles after miles.

Reaching the destination: At about 3.30 p.m. The train arrived at the Mymensingh Station. I got down from it with my luggage and moved on to my destination.

Experience of the journey: It was the first train journey in my life. So, I learned many things from it. I became familiar with the different nature of different people. Not only that, I got an experience much from their discussions on various topics like politics, national and international crises etc.

The bad side of the journey: I felt somewhat bored for there was no place to move freely. I had to remain sitting constantly on my seat for quite a long time. Besides, the station was overcrowded and so there was a fear of snatchers and pick-pockets.

Conclusion: Despite some troubles, the train journey was very enjoyable and instructive. The memory of this journey often stirs my imagination and gives me boundless joy.