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Paragraph on Experience of Train Journey Or, A Journey by Train

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Did you ever undertake a journey by train?
  2. When did you make the journey?
  3. What was the occasion?
  4. How much did you enjoy it?
  5. Describe the journey.
  6. How do you feel now when you remember it?

Answer: I had a journey by train as I wished to spend a few days at my village during the Eid vacation last year. I enjoyed it very much. The journey was full of pleasure. I had the opportunity to sit by a window. As the train started moving, I all of a sudden was plunged into a huge sense of pleasure, seeing the huts, trees, and shops running backward, and feeling an ecstasy of dynamicity. The sound of the train’s wheels was hitting on the way-side trees and hedges and huts and reflecting back as though they were incessant head beating sounds of the metallic titan. I kept on looking at sights of near and distant places and became spell-bound by their novelty and picturesqueness. I crossed huge fields looking solitary with no crops, meandering canal, and green orchards. My train journey was up to my satisfaction. Still, I feel excited whenever I remember it.

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