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Paragraph on A Journey by Train

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘A Journey by Train‘ by answering the following questions.

  1. How is a journey by train important?
  2. Why was she excited?
  3. Where did Samira travel?
  4. What did she desire to do?
  5. How did the train go?

Answer: A journey by train is very interesting as well as educative. Such a very important event happened in Samira’s life. Last week she went on her first train journey. She traveled with her family to Khulna where her uncle lived. They left home at dawn and went to Rangpur. After purchasing a ticket, they got into the trains. Suddenly the train blew its whistle and it started. The train went very quickly towards Khulna. It seemed to Samira that the trees, houses, people, and stations all went hurriedly back to Rangpur. She was very excited. She desired to put her head out of the train window, but her parents did not let her for it was dangerous. However, Samira enjoyed her first train journey very much.


A Journey by Train

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Journey by Train’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What and from where did you start your journey?
  2. What was your destination?
  3. What was the condition of the compartment?
  4. What scenery did you enjoy?
  5. What were you feeling?

Answer: A journey by train is really interesting and thrilling. Last summer, I had the chance to make a journey by train. My two bosom friends were with me. I enjoyed it a lot. One of my friends invited us to his city home in Dhaka. We three friends agreed to go. On the fixed day, we reached Rajshahi Railway Station. We bought three tickets for Dhaka in the second class compartment. The compartment was neat and clean. We got on the train. We sat in a row. The train left for Dhaka just at 11 a.m. The train was moving on very swiftly. Some passengers began to gossip. Some began to read newspapers. Some were snoring. It seemed that everything was running behind. We saw fields of paddy, long lines of trees and houses on both sides. People were doing various jobs. Cowboys were grazing their cattle. All the sights charmed me a lot. After about 3 hours, the train stopped at a station for 10 minutes. We sat in a restaurant. There we had our refreshments. The time was out. We got on the train. Now it was moving so speedily. Suddenly, I felt drowsy. A light jolt from my friends awakened me. I found that we reached the Kamlapur Railway Station. We got down. We enjoyed the journey heartily. The journey was so pleasant that I will never forget it.

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