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Paragraph on How to Make a Train Journey

A train journey is always interesting. It gives us much pleasure. It is very easy to make a train journey. If you want to make a train journey, you need to do certain things. First of all, select the date, time and destination of your journey. On the day of your journey, go to the station at least half an hour before the arrival of the train. When the bell rings, stand in a queue before the ticket counter to buy a ticket for your journey. Then wait in the waiting room until the train arrives. When the train arrives to get on it and take your seat. Check your seat number. If anyone is sitting there, politely request him to leave your seat. After some time, the guard will blow his whistle and the train will start to run. You have started your journey. But be very careful about your destination. Because no one will tell you to get down when you reach your destination. It will stop there only for a few minutes.