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Paragraph on How to Make a Bus Journey

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A journey is always interesting. It gives us much pleasure. It is very easy to make a bus journey. If you want to take a bus journey, you need to do certain things. First of all select the date, time and destination of your journey. Go to the bus stand at least one or two days before your journey and find out the right bus counter. From the booking, counter collect your ticket for the journey. Check the date, time, destination and coach number very carefully. Now, go back home and get ready for your luggage. Make a list of what you have taken with you. On the day of the journey, go to the bus stand at least half an hour before the bus starts. If your luggage is heavy, put it into the luggage box. If it is not heavy, take it with you. Get on the bus and find out your seat. Check your ticket again and sit on your seat. Don’t eat anything from an unknown person.

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