Paragraph on How to Make a Plane Journey

Plane journey is very enjoyable but costly. If you want to make a plane journey, you need to do certain things. There are two kinds of flight: domestic and international. For domestic flights, you simply go to the airline office and collect your ticket for a certain destination. Then confirm and reconfirm your time and date of travel. The airline will stick a confirmation sticker on your ticket. On the day of travel reach the airport half an hour before the flight and report it to the airlines. If you have any luggage with you, get it checked. You can carry your handbag with you but in case of heavy luggage put it on the belt. Don’t forget to put a name tag on your luggage. After facing security clearance, wait in the waiting lounge for boarding the plane. Last of all board the plane with the announcement of the airlines and take your reserved seat. Before take-off, fasten your seat-belt and listen to the hostess carefully what s/he instructs.

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