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Essay on A Journey by Aeroplan Or, A Journey by Air

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[Hints: Introduction; Occasion of my journey; At the airport; Taking off- Description of the journey; Reaching the destination; Advantages and disadvantages of a journey by air; Conclusion]

Introduction: There was a time when a man would become a wonder to see birds fly in thy sky. But with the progress of science and technology, man has now become successful to fly in the air-though not like birds with wings, but by Aeroplanes. Now we can journey many places of the world by air within a very short time. It is the quickest means of travel the science and technology have ever produced.

The occasion of my journey: I had a desire for a journey by air for long. At last the chance to fulfil my desire came to me when one of my maternal aunts living at Jessore asked me to see her at her house. She also sent me a ticket of Bangladesh Biman. As my School was closed for the S.S.C. Examination. I was very glad and thrilled at this offer of travelling by aeroplane. The journey was from Dhaka to Jessore.

At the airport: As my flight was at 8.30 a.m. I reached the Dhaka airport at about 8 a.m. After the necessary formalities performed by the air officials, I boarded the plane at 8. 15 a.m.

Taking off: Right at 8.30 a.m., the plane began to move. First, it ran slowly and gradually developing its speed, took off from the runway.

Description of the journey: Our plane rose up at a legit of nine. hundred feet. It was flying very smoothly. I looked down through the window beside me. I became bewildered to see the land below. It appeared so little that it seemed to be a garden. Human beings appeared little like so many small ants and the houses like little matchboxes. The boats in the river and the motor vehicles on the streets seemed to be moving puppets. The rivers and canals below looked like zig-zag lanes. Soon I was lost in thought of the great power of the modern science. Just then an air hostess came and offered me snacks.

Reaching the destination: After about thirty-five minutes we reached Jessore airport. The plane touched the ground with a sudden jolt. It ran along the runway and came to a standstill. I got out of the plane after the most thrilling journey of my life. My cousin was waiting for me at the airport. He became very glad to see me. We two then left the place for my aunt’s house.

Advantages and disadvantages of a journey by air: A trip by air is very costly. Only the rich can easily manage to travel by plane. The poor cannot even think of a plane journey. It is beyond their economic reach. A journey by air is of great advantage. It saves time and ensures a comfortable trip.

Conclusion: As this was my first flying experience, I was quite shaken. Yet I enjoyed the flight very much. I shall never forget the memory of this journey.

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