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Short Composition on A Plane Journey I Enjoyed

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Introduction: Cowper says, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ A plane journey is one of the most enjoyable varieties in life. It is more exciting and pleasant than traveling by boat or by bus or by train.

Preparation: I had a prolonged desire for traveling by plane. My desire, at last, came into reality during the last came into reality during the last summer vacation. Father had to go to Chittagong for an urgent piece of business. He decided to go there by plane. I availed myself of the opportunity. We reached Dhaka by bus and bought two tickets by the window.

Enjoyments and experience: the time of leaving the plane turned up. The caption announced that he would be soon starting. We got on the plane with the other passengers. We were asked to fasten the seat belts. The plane raced down the runway slowly and then took off smoothly with a jerk.

As we rose higher, the plane bumped a little as the weather was a little rough. At this, I felt a little bit nervous. But I got it over after a short while and looked down from my window. The buildings, the people, and the trees below looked like tiny toys. The roads look like thin lines drawn on a sheet of paper and so did the rivers. The boats and motor cars seemed like moving dolls. I saw the soft white clouds floating by. They looked like huge cotton balls. There were clouds and clouds all around us. I felt like touching them. But they were flying! Then I felt like saying after the poet,

“I gazed and gazed but little thought; what wealth the show to me had brought.”

Conclusion: thus I enjoyed the flight very much. The memory of the flight shall remain ever fresh in my mind.

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