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Short Composition on My Visit to A Zoo

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Introduction: the visiting of a zoo is very interesting and pleasant to the people of all ages and classes.

Occasion: I have the experience of visiting the zoo at Mirpur. It was the time to winter vacation. We, five friends, visited the zoo with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Description: first we saw a number of monkeys jumping and making hitching sounds. We liked their performances greatly and gave them a whole bunch of plantains. Next, we saw two big snakes lying in big cages. They were basking in the sun. Their length and size were really amazing. Then our attention was drawn to the cage of big parrots. They looked very attractive with their colorful feathers and big crowns. Then a big artificial lake drew our attention. There we saw many big and small water birds. We also saw many birds of different sizes and shapes chirping melodiously in changes. The sight of dancing of some peacocks raising their beautiful feathers was really eye-catching. We were all very impressed and enchanted.  We then turned our eyes to the cages of tigers, Lions, bears, and leopards. These wild and ferocious animals looked us with their royal movements and growls. We felt a bit frightened at their sights. The deer looked very innocent and fascinating with their big-big eyes. Finally, we saw two crocodiles kept in a small pond. They were, however, very weak and seemed to be half dead. We felt pity for them.

Conclusion: thus we visited the zoo for about five hours and gathered pleasant experiences about the animal world. The memory of visiting the zoo still floats on my mind’s eye. Let me quote the poet:

“I gazed and gazed – but little thought.
What wealth the show to me had brought.”

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