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Composition on A Picnic I Have Enjoyed

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Introduction: man is by nature fond of variety and change. Cowper says, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ A picnic is a pleasant outing with a great variety. It brings into our routine-bound monotonous life a great diversion with a world of joy and pleasure.

The necessity of picnic: a wise saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ This saying clearly unveils the necessity of going out for enjoying variety. The going out on a picnic may go a long way to serve the purpose a man cannot live a confined life within the four walls of his house. He feels a great curiosity to see the unseen to know the unknown and explore the unexplored. We can here quote the famous lines of Shakespeare,

“Those who have never moved an inch from their house remain ignorant of many things. They are just like frogs in a well.”

Our beloved world poet Tagore has also expressed the same feeling as Shakespeare and says,

“The mind’s health cannot be maintained on the ration of books served up in the motionless classes within the prison walls of the static school.”

Planning: we went on a picnic in the month of January last. It was the annual picnic of our school. A picnic committee was. It was the annual picnic of our school. A picnic committee was formed earlier headed by a teacher. We were fifty in number. We selected kuakata as a venue. Kuakata is an eye-catching and heart-touching beauty spot on the Bay of Bengal.

Preparation: all preparations were completed timely. We hired a bus and finished our shopping. Kabir took with him his camera, Kamal his guitar and Polash his flute. We had also a cassette recorder with us. We all assembled in school campus by 6. A.m. and set out for kuakatat 7 a.m. the words bearing the title of picnic ‘lets go kuakata’ was inscribed on a long piece of cloth and it was hung on the front of the bus.

Sight-seeing: it was a fine morning. Nature was cool and refreshing. We fed our eyes with a lot of charming views of nature on either side of the road. It seemed that nature on either side of the road. It seemed that nature has adorned our country lavishly with all the beauties and bounties. There was green and green everywhere all around. I could not turn my eyes away from the overflowing sights and beauty of nature. We were all beside ourselves with wild joy and excitement. Some of us were enjoying themselves by singing and clapping. Thus seeing and enjoying, we reached our destination at about 10. a.m. we selected a bushy place for our picnic corner. Our cook set to work for cooking our food. We went out on the sea-beach to enjoy the beauty of the vast sea. We were all struck with wonder at the magnificent sight of the vast sheet of blue waters of the sea. We sat down on the sandy beach in circles and enjoyed ourselves most. We built castles of sand and enjoyed and the world of delight. We also enjoyed the beautiful sights of the woodland decorated with the alluring treasure-trove of bounteous nature. All these cast a magic spell on our minds and took us into a fairyland of boundless heart-touching and eye-catching sights, sounds, and beauty. We could then better realize the significance of the poet’s saying,

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.”

Eating and merriment’s: our food was ready by 2:30 p.m. our menu was only Birani and Chatni. We feel to eating and ate with our heart’s content. We then rested for some time in the shade of big trees. Our artists entertained us with their music, caricature, and recitation. Md. Kabir took several snaps of the eye-feeding sights of the sea-beach.

Returning: time rolled by and our time for returning home came up. We started for home at 4 p.m. it seemed to me that the time had passed away so swiftly. Let me express y feelings in the words of the poet,

“The day so soon has glided by,
Even like the passage of an angel’s tear.”

Though my picnic came to an end, I felt, my imagination kept roaming about with my senses all over the passed-by way. Still now, the sweet memory of the picnic floats up before mind’s eye and takes me back again to that day and gives me immense joy and pleasure. Let me quote the words of the poet,

“I gazed and gazed but little thought,
What wealth the show me had brought.”

Conclusion: it goes without saying that the picnic was very enjoyable to us all. We certainly gathered an unforgettable experience from the picnic. This experience led us to realize the inner meaning of the wise saying, ‘experience is the best teacher.’ Besides, we came to learn a great lesson about the mystery of our life on earth,

“What is this life if full of care.
We have no time to stand and stare.”

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