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Composition on The Season I like Best

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Spring is called the king of all seasons. It is the best, the loveliest, and the most charming of all seasons. It is my favorite season. Indeed, it is my favorite of all. This is the season that has inspired so many poets to write lyrical poems. In the cycle of seasons, spring occupies an exalted position. It is rich in color, beauty, music, and fragrance.

Though winter in Bangladesh is not so severe as that in western countries, it presents a somewhat dull and dreary aspect. In summer the scorching sun, hot days, and sweltering nights make life disagreeable. The damp and humidity of the rainy season add greatly to our discomfort. Spring has none of the conveniences of these seasons. Coming after winter it captivates the hearts of people all at once and when summer follows people bewails its passing away.

With the advent of spring, Nature puts on a gay and lovely appearance. Every object of Nature becomes fresh. Trees put forth new leaves. Flowers bloom forth in thousands. They are of all colors. Some of them are sweet-smelling, some have no smell, but all are beautiful. The fine display of colors, they present is especially fascinating. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Bees hum and fly from flower to flower in search of honey. The colorful wings of the butterflies present no less charming a sight.

As soon as spring sets in, a gentle breeze from the south begins to blow. It spreads the sweet smell of flowers and makes the air balmy and fragrant. It passes through the fresh leaves and produces a sweet rustling sound in the air. To this music is added the sweet twitter of the birds. What a great variety of them! Very few claim to know the names of all of them, but we know them all by sight. The wandering notes of the cuckoo go direct to the heart.

These charming sights and sounds exercise a great influence on the people of Bangladesh. Love of beauty is an inherent virtue; whatever one is aware of it or not, beautiful things go on doing their work on the human mind. The people of Bangladesh have a distinctive nature. Much of this distinction must have come from the tender natural beauties that surround them. It is surely the spring that offers the largest number of charming sights and sounds and makes people forget the bleak winter days.

But this season is very elusive in the sense that it comes and goes almost imperceptibly. Its duration is so short that it disappears before we have just begun to realize its charms. It does not oppress our minds with any lingering monotony. This shortness of its duration is, perhaps, one of the reasons why people like it.

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