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Composition on The Season You Like Most

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Question: Write a Composition on “The Season You Like Most.”

Answer: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Of all seasons, I like the spring most. It is the most charming and delightful season. It is the queen of all seasons. It is the loveliest and the most attractive season. It is favorable to all.

The scorching heat of the summer is unbearable. Everybody feels uncomfortable in the burning weather of the summer. Tanks, ponds, and rivers dry up and become muddy. People suffer a great deal. Then comes the rainy season. The sky remains cloudy. It rains cats and dogs. People are compelled to keep indoors. The autumn is a lovely season, no doubt. But it cannot be compared with the spring. After autumn comes the winter. The living creatures shiver with cold. Nature looks gloomy and dismal. Trees are leafless. Nature becomes bare and bald. Then comes up in the spring, my favorite season. There prevails an equable temperature. It is pleasant and lovely. Nature gets back its life in the spring. Trees are full of new leaves. With the advent of spring, nature puts on a gay and lively appearance. Every object of nature becomes fresh. Flowers bloom forth in thousands. They are of various colors. Some of them are sweet-smelling, some are exceedingly beautiful. The fine display of colors they present is really fascinating. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Bees hum and fly from flower to flower in search of honey. The colorful wings of butterflies present a very charming sight.

As soon as the spring sets in, a gentle breeze from the south begins to blow. It spreads the sweet smell of flowers and makes the air balmy and fragrant. It passes through the fresh leaves and produces a sweet rustling sound in the air. To this music is added the sweet twittering of the birds. The wandering notes of the cuckoo make an appeal to our heart and stir our mind.

People feel very much refreshed and cheerful. Flowers bloom everywhere in the gardens, in the bushes, and in the forests. The spring is the season which gives delight to boys and girls, men and women, young and old. The spring is the season of joy, comfort, and vivacity. The spring makes our land beautiful with vegetation, light, and color. There are joy and liveliness on all sides.

But this season is very elusive in the sense that it comes and goes almost imperceptibly. Its duration is so short that it disappears before we have just begun to realize its charms. It does not oppress our mind with any lingering monotony. This shortness of its duration, is perhaps, one of the reasons why people like it most.

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