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Essay on Spring in Bangladesh

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Introduction: The spring is the most pleasant season of the year in Bangladesh. In this season everybody feels active. All take an interest in outdoor life. The earth wears beautiful garb. It is awakened to life by the warmth of the sunshine.

The beauty of nature: In this season nature is gay and happy. The trees that had lost their leaves in autumn, once more look fresh and green. The birds which were silent in the winter announce the arrival of spring Season by their thousands of notes. Nature gives a feast to all our senses. It invites us to come out and take part in the universal joy of the world. It presents a beautiful sight of the eyes to enjoy. The sweet songs of the birds fill every ear with new life and new strength. The wild winds which are quite opposite to the dry winds of the winter, invite us into the open. Buds and flowers decorate trees and plants. They spread their sweet smell in all directions. They fill us with pleasure when we breathe in it.

The real enjoyment of spring: The pleasures of the spring are many. They can be best enjoyed in a village or a forest, on a mountain or in some place where nature is free and untouched by the hand of man. The enjoyments of nature are beyond the reach of those who remain inside the four walls of the towns and cities. In towns and cities, the calendar proclaims the arrival of spring. Springs time is the period of general festivals. They are celebrated with pomp and show in the cities and towns. These celebrations announce the coming of spring. The inhabitants of big cities like Dhaka and Chittagong can hardly realize the glory of spring.

Beauty and utility of spring: Trees in nature are beautiful to the eyes. They are wholesome for the body. The season fills our mind with a sense of devotion to God, the Creator of spring. In this loneliness, we can fully realize the glories of the spring. Solitude in the lap of a forest or a cave or on a mountain presents the true beauties of spring before our eyes. Human company mars the glory of this season. Spring is the season in which the voice of nature is most eloquent.

Conclusion: The spring season begins in March and ends in May. New leaves come out. Flowers blossom in gay colors. Birds are seen singing songs in the praise of spring. Spring is called the king of all seasons.

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