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Paragraph on The Season I Like Best: Winter

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Which season do you like most?
  2. Why do you like this season?
  3. How does nature appear in this season?
  4. How do rich people enjoy this season?
  5. How do poor people enjoy this season?

Answer: I like winter season most. Our winter is not as acute as the winter of the cold countries of the world. That is why I feel comfortable in this season. In this season there is less rain and the environment is fresh and fine. The nature is quite beautiful. Many colorful flowers bloom in plenty in winter. Specially the rose. blooms everywhere. In our country winter is the season of vegetables. Various types of vegetables are found in the markets. Besides, date juice is a wonderful drink of this season. People prepare various types of native cakes with the help of date juice. Of course, during this season the differences between the rich and the poor become clear. The rich wear beautiful and comfortable warm clothes. But the poor do not have, warm clothes to wear. So they suffer from extreme cold. In the rural areas, people make a fire in the morning and try to get heat from it. It is also quite enjoyable in rural life. Thus winter season gives us delight and variety to our national life.

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