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Short Composition on Winter in Bangladesh

Question: Write a composition on “Winter in Bangladesh“.

Answer: The winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It is the season of mists, fogs, and chills. The Bengali months of Poush and Magh comprise this season.

Nature looks deserted. Trees look like a skeleton without leaves. Bangladesh belongs to the tropical region. Here winter is not so severe like western countries. In this season days are short and nights are long. In winter the whole nature remains covered with fog and mist. Sometimes fog becomes so dense that steamers and launches cannot ply through the rivers for fear of accidents. The poor people suffer a lot from want of warm clothes. People sometimes s, er in the cold when the weather becomes chilly with the blowing of the northern wind.

During this season the homeless and shelterless people suffer from shivering cold at night and they have to pass almost the sleepless night. People in the slum and people in the streets of cities suffer greatly on a winter night. Many people at the railway platforms, at the launch terminals or bus terminals, pass their nights in misery. Sometimes the winter is very cold. Then many people die.

On the other hand, winter comes after harvesting. So it is the time of richness and abundance. All types of vegetables and fishes are available in this season. People enjoy the soundness of health because they get plenty of vegetables and fishes which have great food value. In winter people do not get tired easily. They can work hard for a long time. People feel more than energetic the in the summer season. people e in villages remain busy in harvesting. They are busy in separating the corn from the stalks. This is the season of different festivals as marriages and other cultural functions.

Winter is not disliked by many of us. It is comfortable to remain inside. There is no snowing here. In the cities, people remain happy. It does not cause immense troubles for us and it does not hamper our normal daily life.