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Composition On The Winter

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Introduction: The earth moves around the sun in a year and it causes six seasons. As a result heat, Cold and rainfall vary in different periods of the yew’ with the advent of its different seasons. The winter is the fifth among these seasons.

Its duration: The winter season conies just after the late autumn in our country. It is the season of fog, mist and chill. The Bengali months of ‘Poush’ and ‘Magh’ are generally the winter season in our Country.

Description/ The feature of the season: A foggy winter morning appears to be very dull. But a clear winter morning is really lovely, charming and enjoyable in every village of Bangladesh. The cock crows at dawn. Then we want to get up from the bed but we don’t wish to leave our warm quilt. However, we get up from the bed and go out to wash our hands and face. Dew-drops glitter in the morning sun. The villagers do not start working in the morning. They gossip in the morning sun.

A season of festivals: The winter is not altogether a curse. It is a suitable season for various activities. Farmers can work hard, Students come back home before sundown and attend to their study. Social festivals are also held in this season. It is also the time for school and college sports.

Season of plenty/Winter fruits and vegetables: In winter juice from the date tree is collected. It is very pleasant to take a glass of date juice in the morning. Molasses, candies and sugar are also made of it. So house-wives make many kinds of cakes in this season. In winter vegetables and fruits like cabbages, cauliflowers and oranges grow in plenty. Fish is also available in abundance in this season.

Season of games and sports: The winter is the time for playing football and cricket. Players do not feel tired as the days are cool. Even they also play badminton at night using high power light.
Advantages: In winter everybody can work ham as the body does not sweat in cool. Farmers grow various kinds of vegetables.

Disadvantages: Winter brings hardship to the poor. The poor suffer bitterly at night and in the( morning in winter. They shiver in cold. The old suffer a front cough and cold.

Conclusion: Though the proverb goes, “Nero fiddles while Route burns” yet the winter i. enjoyable to the people of Bangladesh.

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