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Composition on Seasons of Bangladesh

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Introduction: The earth moves around the sun in a year. It is called the annual motion of the earth. It causes six seasons in Bangladesh changes with the change of this seasons after every two months. Description of different seasons: The six seasons of Bangladesh are the summer, the Rainy season, the autumn, the Late Autumn, the winter and the spring.

The Summer: The months of Baisakh and Jaistha form the summer. The summer is the first season in Bangladesh. As this is a season of sun and heat, it is known to us a hot season. Mangoes, jack-fruits, blackberries and melons are available in this season.

The Rainy Seasons: The rainy season is the second of Bangladesh. This season comes just after the summer. The months of Ashar and Shraban are the rainy season. It is a season of rainfall. It cools the air after the burning heat of summer. Ponds, tanks, canals, and rivers are full to the brim in this. season.

The Autumn: The months of Bhadra and Aswin are called the autumn. This season comes just after the rainy season. It is a season of the light cloud without rain.

The Late Autumn: The months of Kartik and Agrahayan form the late autumn. It begins just after the autumn. The sky looks blue and clear. Harvesting of paddy then fills every mind with great joy.

The Winter: The months of Pous and Magh are called the winter. At that time the cold wind blows from the north. Nature looks dead and gloomy. Of course, many kinds of vegetables then grow in plenty.

The Spring: The spring is called the king of the seasons. In this season we are saved from biting cold in the winter. It comes with flowers and new leaves. It gives new life everywhere in nature.

Merits and demerits: Every season has its merits and demerits. In summer we have various kinds of fruits but it is very hot and stormy. In the rainy season, we get rain to cultivate our soil and grow crops. But men and animals remain confined to the thing in nature looks green, fresh and joyful. In the late autumn, the sky remains clear and cloudless. In winter everything in nature looks gloomy, dull and dead. But vegetables and fish are available. The spring is the most charming. It is neither cold nor hot nor damp.

Conclusion: Every season comes with its own specialty and influences in our life greatly. The mind and the body of the people change with the change of the different seasons.

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