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Composition on The Jackfruit

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Introduction: Bangladesh is the motherland of fruits. Different kinds of fruits grow in plenty in different seasons. They are mangoes, oranges, pineapples, bananas, coconuts, and jackfruits. Jackfruit is the most important fruit in our country. There is no more fruit bigger than this in size. So many people humorously call it the king of fruits. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

Where grown: jackfruit is a common fruit of Bangladesh. It grows well in all the districts of Bangladesh. But the jackfruits of all the districts are not good. Good jackfruits of all the districts are not available. The best jack-fruits grow in Dhaka. It is mainly grown in Dewangonj of Savar.

It grows there in plenty. But it is not sufficient for the whole country.

Description: the jackfruit which called “Kathal” in Bengali is giant among fruits. A large sized are sometimes weight on a mound. It has rough and prickly skin. Inside the skin, the fruits are found to be composed of many flakes, each of them containing a seed. The fruit is golden in color and is sweet to taste. But it has a bad reputation of upsetting the stomach.

Its place among other fruits: though the jackfruit is our national fruit, it is not sufficient in our country like mango fruit. It is not as good as mango. It is a great source of vitamin but very difficult to digest. The jackfruit is perhaps the largest in size than all other fruits. They hang from trees like so many monkeys and a single fruit can feed a whole family.

Prospects: prospects of jackfruit and jackfruit industry are bright in Bangladesh. We should set up more and more jackfruit industries to meet the demand for all kinds of people in the country. Arrangements should be made to store jackfruits to consume them when they are not available.

Conclusion: most of the fruits produced in Bangladesh are health-giving. Various kinds of tonic, syrups, James, and Jellies are made of juicy jackfruits. Jack-fruit cultivation and its eating effectively lead to the promotion of our national health.

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