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Composition on Fruits of Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction, Various kinds of fruits, Description of some fruits, Then comes the pineapple, Food value, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Like most other countries in the tropic, Bangladesh abounds with fruits. The fertile land, the climate and other geographical conditions ‘are the favorable factious for the high yield of fruits in our country Particularly in the summer. Various kinds of fruits The fruits are of wide-ranging varieties, colors, and shapes. Their tastes vary too. Some of the fruits are very big, others small, Some are sour, others sweet. The most common and popular fruits in Bangladesh are Jack-fruit, mango, litchi, pineapple, banana, watermelon, papaw, guava, coconut, orange etc.

Description of some fruits: Jack-fruit is the most common fruit in Bangladesh. in Bengali, it is called kathal . It is a giant among fruits. It is our national fruit too. A large sized fruit sometimes weighs about a mound. It has a rough and prickly skin. Inside the skin, the fruit is found many juicy flakes arranged very neatly. Each of the flakes contains a stone. The fruit is golden in color and sweet to taste.

Mango is another very common fruit in Bangladesh. It is called the prince of fruits. Mangoes that grow in the Northern districts particularly in Rajshahi and Chapai Nawabganil are very delicious. It has got hundreds of varieties, Fazli, Langra, Mohanlohiogh, Gopalbhgo are most famous for its sweet and delicious flavor. Ordinary mangoes are more or less found in almost every districts in Bangladesh.

Then comes the pineapple: It is obtainable in large quantities in Bangladesh the most wonderful Juice. It is a highly palatable and very health-giving fruit. It is said that a glass of Pineapple Juice in the morning keeps the doctor far, far away. The coconut is another common fruit of Bangladesh. The milk of the coconut is a wholesome and refreshing drink and the kernel inside is a substantial and nutritious food. The orange is a sweet and Juicy fruit. It is very good for the liver. The papaw is also a delicious and nutritious fruit, and like the orange, it is also good for the liver. Sylhet produces the best kind of orange and the papaw is found in almost every district in Bangladesh. The pant and the guava are well-known fruits. The guava contains a sufficient amount of vitamin ‘C’. The fruit that is much in demand throughout the year is the banana. It is a nice fruit and is as delicious as it is nutritious. It has different varieties such as the Amritasagar, the Sabri, the Kabri, Agriswar, etc. Its green prototype is used as kitchen vegetables. Among other fruits blackberries, dates, plums, figs, native apples, star apples, Jumbo line, wood-apple, pomegranates deserve mention. Litchis are sweet and flavor and are in wide demand in summer. Nowadays water-melon has become our of the most popular fruits in our country. They are almost equal to jackfruit in size. They are very juicy and refresh us in the hot simmering summer days.

There are some fruits which taste sour of these the lemon is the most popular. It has different varieties of which the Kazzi is the best. The tamarind, the kamranga, and the batabi also taste sour.

Food value: Fruits are rich in food value. They are good sources of different kinds of minerals and vitamins. All kinds of fruits are health-giving Various kinds of tonic, syrups, jams, and jellies are made from the juice of fruits.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is rich in different kinds of fruits. Fruits occupy an important place is our national life. They not only supply us vitamins but also play a vital role in our country. So we should plant more and more fruit-bearing trees which are useful for our national health.

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