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Paragraph on Mango

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Bangladesh is a land of rivers and is also famous for various gifts of nature. It is enriched with various natural and man-made foods. Fruit is one of the appreciated natural gifts. The land and climate of this country are appropriate to grow different kinds of fruits in different seasons. So Bangladeshi people cultivate and grow different fruits. These are very helpful to keep a sound body and sound mind. There are different types of fruits that are grown in Bangladesh. The most common fruits of Bangladesh are Mangoes, Jack-fruits, Bananas, Coconuts, pine-apple, papaw. Mango is commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions, and its fruit is distributed essentially worldwide. The mango is summer fruit. It is usually called the king of fruits. There are many kinds of mangoes. They are Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog etc. They are famous for their taste and flavor. In Bangladesh Mango grows in plenty in Rajshahi, Chapi Nowabgong, and Bogra. In several cultures and festivals, Mongos and the leaves of the mango tree are prescriptively used as florescent decorations at weddings, public celebrations, and religious ceremonies.

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