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Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About Your Aim in Life

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Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend Sakib about your Aim in Life.


Monir: Hi Sakib, how are you?

Sakib: I’m fine and you?

Monir: I’m also fine. By the by, what do you want to do in the future?

Sakib: I intend to have a higher degree in business.

Monir: However, where are you going in this early morning?

Sakib: I am going to my cousin to know something about MBA.

Monir: MBA! Are you interested in MBA?

Sakib: Yes. I’m.

Monir: Why do you choose it?

Sakib: Because I want to be an executive in a large company.

Monir: Why are you so passionate about it?

Sakib: For two reasons. One is a good working atmosphere and the other is a good salary. What about you, Monir?

Monir: My aim is different. I want to study ELT. ELT means English Language Teaching. I want to have an MA degree in ELT from Dhaka University.

Sakib: Why do you choose that?

Monir: I want to teach English at different levels. I would like to raise the standard and quality of English in Bangladesh. Developing four skills of language learning among our students is my mission.

Sakib: It’s wonderful!

Monir: Yes, it’s essential for human resources and development.

Sakib: Yours is also an excellent idea.

Monir: Thank you.

Sakib: You are most welcome.

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