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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend on A Picnic I Enjoyed

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Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend on a picnic you enjoyed.


Myself: AssalamuAlaikum.


Myself: How are you, my friend?

Friend: I am fine and you?

Myself: I am also fine, very fine.

Friend: Are you excited?

Myself: Yes, I am very excited. I could not forget the picnic I had yesterday.

Friend: Where did you go to have the picnic?

Myself: It was Nandan Park, the biggest amusement park in Bangladesh.

Friend: Whom were you accompanied with?

Myself: All the students with their guardians and our teachers.

Friend: How did you go there?

Myself: We went there by 200 buses.

Friend: 200 buses! What was the number of participants?

Myself: It was about 40 thousand.

Friend: What did you enjoy there?

Myself: I enjoyed 10 rides only.

Friend: Which ride did you enjoy most?

Myself: Water coaster. It was the interesting most.

Friend: What did you enjoy at lunch?

Myself: It was biryani. It was so delicious.

Friend: Was there any arrangement for the cultural program?

Myself: Yes. There was a heavy arrangement of cultural programs like song, dance, drama, petulance, and ledger show.

Friend: When did you come back home?

Myself: I came back home at 11 at night.

Friend: Thank you very much.

Myself: Thank you also.

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