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Paragraph on A Picnic in The Hills

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘A Picnic in the hills’ answering the following questions.

  1. What do you meant by picnic?
  2. What did you arrange you picnic?
  3. Who were you companions?
  4. How was the natural scenery of the picnic spot?
  5. Why did you arrange you picnic in the hills?

Answer: In The Hills A picnic is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. It generally takes place in a natural charming and attractive place. People of all ages are found taking part in a picnic. Specially the young are most interested to go on a picnic. A picnic is enjoyable but a picnic in the hills is more enjoyable. During the last summer vacation, I got a chance to attend a picnic in the hills. I and some of my friends arranged the picnic in the hills. We took our necessary things and went to the picnic spot. We prepared various items of foods. We took our lunch at mid-day. My friend Atik and Tushar are very expert in singing. So they sang some sweet songs. Some of us played different types of games. After all the picnic in the hills was very interesting and enjoyable to us. It is a memorable even of my life.