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Composition on A Picnic that I Enjoyed

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Picnic is a source of pleasure and satisfaction. The hours spent on a picnic are always exciting and thrilling. So, to get much pleasure and remove our all tiredness, last month I along with some of my friends made a picnic.

We selected Sonargaon as our picnic spot. It is a place of historical interest and is not very far from Dhaka city. So, we hired a bus to go there on the fixed day.

We took the necessary preparation to cook on the picnic spot.

We also took all the necessary food items and materials with us. After finishing our breakfast, we started for the place at 8:00 am.

We reached Sonargaon at 10:30 am. After visiting the nearby area, we sat down to have our food. Our artists amused us with their music.

Entering the main area, we visited all the historical ruins and saw the famous things. We also visited the palace of Isha Kha. Sometimes we collected the natural and artificial scenery of the spot in our camera.  We also played cricket there for about 30 minutes and roamed in different places on the spot.

We returned home just after the evening prayer. It was really an enjoyable picnic. We will remember the event in our minds as long as we live.

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