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Paragraphs on How to Arrange A Picnic Party

Question: Your younger brother does not know how to arrange a picnic party. Write a paragraph telling him how the picnic party is arranged. You may use the following keywords.

First, then, next, after that, finally

Answer: My younger brother reads in class nine. His annual examination is over. He wishes to go for a picnic. But he does not know to arrange a picnic party. First, he should call a meeting of his classmates and friends, select the venue, and fix the date. The amount of contribution should also be settled. Then, they will form some committees. Each committee will perform a separate job. Another committee will arrange communication means and marketing and so on. There will be a committee for overall in charge of the picnic. Next, the committee will report to the main committee that everything is ready to hold the picnic. After that, on the fixed date they will start for a picnic. Finally, the committee will guide the picnic party and will observe the function going on well.


Paragraph on How to Arrange a Picnic

The picnic gives us much pleasure and removes our monotony. If you want to arrange a picnic, you need to do certain things. First of all, discuss the matter with your classmates, teachers, and parents. If they agree, select the spot, date and time. You may select the spot which has historical importance. Then make a budget and raise a fund by subscribing to you all. If the fund falls short, write an application to your Principal for sanctioning money from the college fund. Then hire a bus and buy all the food items you want to take with you. Make a committee for this purpose and distribute the charge among every member of the committee. It is wise to select two teachers to guide you. You should also hire an expert cook if you cannot cook. Finally, on the fixed date start your journey from your college premises.