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Paragraph on Spending of Summer Vacation at My Village

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Question: Suppose, you would like to spend your summer vacation in your village. Your friend will be with you there during the period. Describe all the nice things you will enjoy together in the village (100 words).

Spending of Summer Vacation at My Village

Answer: Within a short time, my classes will be close for summer vacation. I want to spend my holiday in my village home. Sonargaon with my friend Amin. Our village is surrounded by a vast expanse of green scenery. We will lose ourselves in the midst of nature. Our village stands by the side of a river. The river abounds with fishes. We will fish there. It will be very pleasant to have a walk by the side of the river. Swimming in the river will not be less interesting. More interesting will be boating in the river or in the canal on a moon-lit-night. We shall also be able to play different games in the evening. Moreover, you know Sonargaon is a place of historical interest. The museum of Sonargaon will of course charm you much. We will be able to see many ancient relics there. Everything there will give us much pleasure.

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