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Letter To Your Friend on Spending Your Summer Vacation

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Question: Write a letter to your friend about spending your summer vacation.


My dear Sahid,
At first, take my heartiest felicitation and sincere love. I hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Yesterday I received your letter. In the letter, you have wanted to know about my summer vacation. Now I am telling you about that.

I am waiting for an opportunity for summer vacation. I have made up my mind to go to my village then. I got a month’s vacation. I went to our village. We opened a night school there. Because Bangladesh is a developing country and most of the people here are illiterate. So, I want to remove illiteracy from my village. If I open a night school, many illiterate villager people will be able to know how to read and write.

We arranged a study tour also and it helped them to increase their knowledge. The villagers became free and frank with us and it will inspire them to study more. The village people will be careful about their health and sanitation. They will avoid superstitions and the early marriage of their daughters. Equal treatment of girls and boys will make society prosperous. Anyway, be ready to accept my invitation.

Please convey my salaam to your parents. Wish good results for me.

Yours ever

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