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Letter To Your Friend on Your Native Village

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Question: Write a letter to your friend about your native village.


My dear Jahid,

At first, take my heartiest felicitation and sincere love. I hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Yesterday, I received your letter. In the letter, I could know you have wanted to know about my village. Now I am telling you about that.

The name of native village X. it’s in the district of Comilla. It’s about 12 kilometers away from the district headquarters. Ours is a village of 9 square kilometers with more than 5000 inhabitants. The inhabitants are from different classes and professions. Most of the people are educated and serve in different offices and educational institutions. The villagers follow their traditional culture. They are religious, helpful, and cooperative. They like to celebrate different occasions. They like to play various games and sports. They also have a cultural mind. They’re very much peace-loving. Our village’s developed and happy one. It’s a place of different government and non-government offices. There are schools, colleges, madrasahs, post offices, telephone exchange, etc in the village.

No more today, please convey my best regards to uncle and aunt, and love to younger.

Yours ever

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