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Paragraph on Our Village

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The name of our village is Narikel Bari. It is in the district of Gopalganj and is about twenty kilometers from Gopalganj town. A metalled road connects it with the town. It is a large village and about 2,000 people live in it. Most of the people are farmers. There are also some small traders, carpenters, potters, and weavers. The village has a high school, a Mandir, a government primary school, a community center, and two playgrounds. One of the playgrounds belongs to the high school and the other is maintained by the local union parishad. The village has a number of kutcha roads and halats. Most people of the village work hard to earn a living but they seem to be pleased with the life they have. They live peacefully with one another and help one another in their need. To the grown-up children and young people of the village, football is the most popular game. They play many village games as well and the older people look on. Many people entertain themselves with listening to recitation from puthi and marfati; jari and bhatiali songs.

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