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Paragraph on City and Village Life

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Man-made the city and Allah made the country is an old saying. Village life is really different from city life. Firstly, town life is a life of luxury and plenty where village life is simple. Secondly, town life is a busy, Competitive, and noisy life. Buses, trucks, cars, and other vehicles always ply on and the industries make a sound. On the other hand village, life is quiet and peaceful. There is no rush and hurry in the village. Thirdly there are air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution in the city. But the village life is free from all the three kinds of pollution. The air is fresh and clean. Fourthly city life offers greater modern facilities of life. In the city schools, madrasahs and colleges offer a better standard of education. There are Universities and Medical colleges in cities. There are scopes for trade, and commerce in cities. So the standard of living in a city is higher than in a village. City life offers scope for employment in the country there is no scope of employment facilities in the village. So we can say that there are many differences between life and village life.

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