Composition on The Merits and Demerits of Country Life and City Life

Question: Write a composition that expresses your opinions about “The Merits and Demerits of Country Life and City Life.

Answer: William Cowper, a famous English poet, wrote, “God made the country but man made the town.” The difference between rural life and city life is remarkable. In the village, we see the glamour of nature where God pervades. But the town is a man-made artificial thing and it cuts us off from the direct contact with nature.

Both the rural life and the city life have their advantages. In rural life, we see perfect peace. A rural life is very simple and easy-going. It is free from cares and anxieties of the world. The village people are free from the troubles of the cheats and pick-pockets of the town. The fish and vegetables we get are fresh. The air we breathe is pure. We are in direct touch with nature. The people living in villages are very open-minded, honest, and peace-loving.

On the other hand, town life has some advantages too. it provides us with all that we want. There are good roads for comfortable transport, electricity for physical comfort, good schools, colleges, madrasahs, universities, technical centers for education, good hospitals and clinics for proper medical treatment and well-furnished shops and stores to meet all our wants. For recreation and pastime, we have clubs, libraries and show houses of various kinds. There is a good facility for trade, commerce, and industry in the town.

The village has no good roads and as a result, there is no easy and good transport facility. The sanitary conditions are very poor and such is the case with medical and educational facilities because good doctors and teachers generally avoid villages on account of their disadvantages.

In respect of city life, the air is full of smoke and soot and the food we get is mostly impure and adulterated. Life in a city is very complex and difficult. People have no time to look after anybody. The town is rather nasty with its dust, waste, filth and bad smell. Vehicles ply here and there constantly and for it, people are afflicted with sound pollution. Hijackers, cheats, and pick-pockets along with terrorists also abound in the city.

It is quite impossible to make a choice for one or the other. We need villages for perfect, peaceful and care-free life while we need city life for education, culture, good transport and amusement. Hence my choice is for rural life.

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