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Report on Death of Two Pick-Pockets

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of a reputed daily. Now write a report on ‘Killing of a person‘.

Death of Two Pick-Pockets

Answer: City reporter: Mobs here beat one pick-pocket to death as he was caught red-handed while pick-pocketing the vanity bag, a rickshaw passenger crying for help. The pick-pocket was identified as Martial (30) from Chandpur. The pick-pocket was caught with the robbed money, two mobile sets, a gold chain, and three money-bags. Hearing the cry for help of the victim, Anis (34), people around him caught him and beat him blue. Seriously injured, he was taken to the Dhaka Medical College by the Police where he died about two hours later. Pick-pocketing has been on the rise in the city’s busy areas for the last few months amidst the tight security. But the incidents clearly show the worse unsafe situation of the city’s people. A case has been filed by police in this regard.

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