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Dialogue Between You and Your Father About a Road Accident

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Question: Write a dialogue between you and your father about a road accident.


Father: I think you’re a bit tired and late today. What’s the matter, dear?

Myself: It’s because of an accident.

Father: Accident! Where?

Myself: Near new market. A bus ran over two rickshaw passengers and the rickshaw puller.

Father: My good! Was anybody killed?

Myself: No, Father. But the rickshaw puller and one of the passengers were badly hurt.

Father: What happened to them?

Myself: They have been transferred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Father: what happened to the bus driver?

Myself: The bus driver tried to run away but he was caught by some people who witnessed the accident. He was beaten severally by some angry people. Then the police rescued him form them and arrested him.

Father: How were you coming then?

Myself: By rickshaw. I helped the injured persons to take to hospital.

Father: Good. You did a good thing. I’m proud of you, my boy.

Myself: Thank you father. I’ll always try to do such good things.

Father: it’s fine.

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