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Short Paragraph on A Street Accident

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Question: write a paragraph about “an accident”.

Answer: Rana was a student of class nine. He was regular in his class. One day he was coming from school. He has to cross a busy road. At that moment, a bus was coming at a full speed. He thought that he would be able to cross the road but unfortunately, he failed. The driver could not stop the bus. The bus ran over shaping and at last, he died on the spot.


An accident

Question: write a paragraph about “an accident”.

Answer: last year I witness an accident. It was 2:00 p.m. we were on our way home from school. We were trying to cross Narshindi-Sylhet main road at Pach-dona station. The road was very busy. An old woman was also about to cross the road. All of a sudden a truck came at a full speed. The woman was too old to notice it. The bus ran over her. We gathered to spot and took her to the Dhaka medical college hospital. But she did not live. On the way to the hospital, she died. I was shocked and could not speak anything. The accident left a deep impact on my mind. It was not possible for me to forget the accident.


A Street Accident / A Street Accident You Have Witnessed

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Street Accident’ by answering the following questions.

  1. Where is the place of the accident?
  2. How did the accident happen?
  3. Who falls a victim to the accident?
  4. What have you done?
  5. What are your feelings about the accident?

Answer: Once I was drinking tea in a stall near G.P.O. I sat on a bench outside of the stall. I could easily see the vehicles moving along the road. I saw a boy crossing the road. Suddenly a bus pushed him behind and ran away speedily. The boy at once fell down. The cry of the boy gathered many people there. I hastened to the spot. Without losing time I with the help of other people took him to the hospital near-by. The doctor examined him and declared dead. I could not check my tears. I reached home with a heavy heart.

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