Paragraph on The Terrible Accident You Witnessed


  • Where did the terrible accident take place in?
  • The accident happened?
  • What did the other people do?
  • What did you feel to see this terrible accident?

Answer: It has already been about three months since I witnessed the terrible accident. It took place on the Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue in Dhaka. It was a cool winter morning. I was walking to my school along the footpath. At one stage, a pedestrian, Caught my notice. I saw him walking down intending to go to the other side of the road. His movement was very clumsy. By the sight, he looked like a newcomer in the city. He attempted several times to cross the road. but each time he failed. Then driven by desperation, he began to run across the road. He did not think what might happen to him. I grew nervous about the imminent danger. Again, I was too far away from him to prevent him. Soon the terrible thing happened. The poor man was knocked down by a speeding, minibus and more cruelly so, another minibus trampled over his mutilated body. I was struck with utter grief. Somehow I reached school, but could not concentrate on study. The shocking memories of the accident still haunt me.

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