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Story on Honesty of a Rickshaw Puller

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Abdur Rahman is a rickshaw puller. He is very poor. Every day he has to work hard to maintain his family. One day, while he was pulling a rickshaw, a gentleman got on his rickshaw. The man reached the destination and paid him the fare. But at the time of putting his purse into his pocket, it dropped inside the rickshaw. The man went away. While Abdur Rahman was returning home with his rickshaw, he found a purse on his rickshaw. He at once could understand that the purse must be dropped from the passenger. He thought that he had to give back the purse. To its original owner. But how? He did not find a way-out. At last, he remembered that he took the passenger on his rickshaw in front of a house near Paribag. “Maybe the passenger belongs to that house.” — he thought. Thinking so, he came to that particular house. He met the housewife and showed her the purse. The housewife could instantly identify the purse as her husband’s. She phoned her husband telling everything. He came home within a very short time. The rickshaw puller could easily identify the owner of the purse and gladly returned him his possession. The owner and his wife thanked him very much and offered some money. But the rickshaw-puller politely refused Mratfiff IRIan the offer. The looks of gratitude in the eyes of the rich couple was his reward indeed.

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