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Short Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

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  1. Who is a rickshaw puller?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. How does he behave with passengers?
  4. How does he support his family?
  5. How does he pass his days?

Answer: the man who pulls a rickshaw for earning bread is called a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is quite a familiar figure in cities and towns. He lives in a worn-out house in a slum with his family. He gets up early in the morning, wears a shabby dress and goes out for passengers. He takes a rickshaw on hire for a half-day or for a full day. He earns money by the sweat of his honest brow and supports his family. He drives rickshaw both in fair or foul weather. He gets drenched in the rain and burnt in the sun. he bargains with passengers and fixes up the fare. He demands more when the weather is very hot or foul. He has to lead a very miserable life. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. He cannot enjoy peace and happiness. If he becomes sick, he and his family have to starve. Thus a rickshaw puller has to lead a very hard life amidst dire poverty.

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