Letter to Your Friend Giving Him Reasons for Your Choice to Buying A Car

Question: Imagine that you are given a choice to buy one of those vehicles. Choose one and write a letter to your friend giving him/her reasons for your choice.

20 April 2002
2/2, Gulshan Dhaka.

Dear Rakib, you will be happy to know that I have taken a decision to buy a private car. Today the whole Letters, Dhaka city is polluted. It has become unsuitable for living. It is full of dust and smoke. Air is being polluted in various ways. As a result, the people of Dhaka city have been suffering from various diseases only because of pollution. To move by rickshaw is not secured. Scooter is also risky. Most often passengers in rickshaw and scooter are attacked by hijackers. In a word, it is not safe to move by rickshaw or scooter. Again, it is not luxury to buy a car today. It has become essential to buy a private car. Today life in Dhaka city is- awfully busy. To go anywhere by rickshaw or scooter kills our valuable time. So, I will be able to move fast. do more work and save my time. It will also save me from dust which causes various diseases. No more today.

We are well. Convey my best wishes to your parents and younger.
Yours ever,

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